Breakfast, Fruit and Milk in Schools2023-09-07T11:34:53+00:00

Breakfast, Fruit and Milk in Schools

Breakfast starts at 8.15am and closes before the morning first bell at 8.45am

A group of volunteers provides daily breakfast in Ruma 4.
Students are welcome to go to Ruma 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to eat.
This service is dependent on voluntary support and donations from the local New World.

Fruit in Schools

We receive Fruit every Monday and Wednesday. Each class has 1 small plastic rectangular bin. Class teachers distribute the fruit to their own class.

Milk in Schools

Milk is given out after daily fitness. Students are to be seated while drinking and eating. Students will be taught how to recycle the packaging by ensuring their carton is completely empty, folded and put into the blue wheelie.