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Our Curriculum Values

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  • Perspectives of ownership and guardianship of the land and our environment.
  • Exploring personal, local and national taonga and sites of significance, their history, their current status and their future viability.
  • Understanding the human impact on ecosystems and vice versa. Creating and taking action for sustainability.
  • Mason Durie’s philosophy of well-being that includes the dimensions taha wairua, taha hinengaro, taha tinana, and taha whanau, each one influencing and supporting the others.
  • Developing positive and responsible attitudes on the part of students to their own well-being; respect, care, and concern for other people and the environment; and a sense of social justice.
  • The foundation of our identity comes from who we come from.  Culture and heritage originate and are sustained through familial links and bonds.
  • Kinship comes with rights and obligations and affects responses to historical events.
  • People pass on and sustain culture and heritage for different reasons and this has consequences for people.
  • Relationships, kinship and family connections.
  • Working together to ensure collective success.
  • Building, negotiating, renewing and strengthening self and others through shared experiences that develop a sense of belonging.