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Our School Values of CARE and MANA

It Takes a Village

Kia Auaha te Ako
Being a Creative Learner involves problem solving, inquiry, creating, reflecting, evaluating and thinking outside of the box. Rather than being consumers of knowledge, we strive for our students to be the future creators of knowledge and solutions.

Aroha atu, Aroha mai
Our school staff, students and families are on a mission to make sure we are Always Kind. This is a collective effort to teach and re-teach ourselves and others around us that we choose to be kind in what we say, hear and do.

  • Creative Learners

  • Always Kind

  • Respect Ourselves, Others and the Environment

  • Everyone Matters

  • Mana tangata, Mana whenua

  • Kia Auaha te ako

  • MaNa Motuhake

  • Aroha mai, Aroha atu

Mana tangata & Mana whenua
We have chosen to extend Respect for ourselves further to others and also the land and environment. We help each other to understand that respect for others and the environment can only happen as an extension of our own self-respect.

Mana Motuhake
Our final value wraps all of the other 3 values into a celebration of individual and unique identity within an ethos of inclusion. At Raurimu Ave School we ensure that every child is valued for who they are. Using the “it takes a village” approach we make sure that as a collective Everyone Matters.